CircuitMess Batmobile™ came to an amazing end thanks you folks!

Hi guys,

After 60 days, our CircuitMess Batmobile campaign has officially closed 🤩

We raised $388,783 thanks to 2,427 of you who backed our campaign and many more who helped us get the word out there. 💖

In this Kickstarter, we have gotten more backers than ever before (2,427). Thank you, everyone, for your overwhelming support!


One of the best parts was seeing the names of people who I recognize as a part of our community and forum for years now. This truly warms my heart.


It’s because of amazing supporters like you that we're able to do what we love and why we're where we are today. We can’t wait to get into production mode and ship Batmobiles to all of you in July! 🦇🚗


If you missed out on getting the Batmobile on Kickstarter, it's available for a limited time on Indiegogo:



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