Can a professional DJ use a DIY DJ mixtable?

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Hi folks!

Did you know that real-life professional DJs are actually using Jay-D to create cool mixes? One of those DJs is a well-known Croatian DJ Joe2Shine.


Joe2Shine is a DJ, producer, musician, sound stylist, and music director at many famous clubs and festivals in Croatia. He’s been on the scene for several years now and continues to release one hit mix after the other.

We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with Joe2Shine for the release of Jay-D on our webshop. We’re particularly happy that he has provided us with some of his own mixes, which we’ve imported into Jay-D’s music repository so that you all can use his mixes to create your own DJ masterpieces.

Check out Joe2Shine and his work on Instagram, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

If you’d like to try your hand at assembling a DIY DJ mixtable and create super cool mixes with it, the first 100 lucky makers that get Jay-D from our webshop will be able to get him at 15% off!

- Albert & the CircuitMess Team

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