Believe it or not, STEM Box goes beyond box #6!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to emphasize one very important fact that was perhaps not explained enough in this campaign - STEM Box is not going to end with Box #6!

We want to keep the experience going and turn all the cool ideas that we have into actual awesome products that are going to teach you about technology in various interesting ways. 

The only reason why we've just shown the first 6 boxes in this Kickstarter is because we didn't have the time to develop more prototypes and refine the ideas for even more boxes.

The last Kickstarter update where I showed a prototype of a tamagotchi-like device received a lot of positive feedback. Many of you were sending me messages with various ideas for future STEM Boxes and I was really impressed by some of them.

Therefore, I'm going to show you some other projects that I was working on the past few years while trying to come up with STEM Box products or just tinkering with electronics in my free time!

If you have any ideas for future STEM Boxes (no matter how wild the idea is), please leave a comment or send me a message since I read all of your comments and messages and they're really helping me come up with new products :)

This project was a DIY internet and FM radio that didn't make it to STEM Box because JayD was a bit cooler:

This thingamajig is a DIY synthesizer that does chiptune sounds: 

This over here is a ByteBoi addon that generates TV signal and allows you to connect your byteboi to the TV

The first version of Spencer was supposed to walk, but than we scrapped the idea because it didn't make sense in the scope of the whole product. Here is an early drawing I just found: 

We were working on some kind of a tricorder that would tell you about the pollution in your area:

A long time ago, I made this DIY mp3 player. Seeing this play Spotify over a Narrowband IoT network would be interesting:

Anyways, we've just passed $360k thanks to you folks and this means that STEM Box raised more than our last Kickstarter for MAKERphone ($324k) and is our greatest Kickstarter yet! (*party*)

There are less than 37 hours left to back our campaign so just a reminder - we wanted to give the best price possible to all of our Kickstarter backers. 

In other words, after the campaign ends, STEM Box will never be this cheap.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned! :)

 - Albert and the rest of the team

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