A (very) busy spring at MAKERbuino

Howdy fellow MAKERbuinians!

We have all been working very hard for the last few months here at MAKERbuino HQ and here’s a brief overview of what’s been cooking!

1)New distributors around the world!

We have been working really hard on making MAKERbuino available to everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with 10+ electronics stores around the globe! All of them are listed on our brand new distributors page here, so you can find a distributor near you!

There’s also a bunch of new digital marketplaces and webshops where you can now find MAKERbuino products, ranging from Amazon and Fancy to eBay and Indiegogo’s marketplace program.

By the way, MAKERbuino is still 10% off at Indiegogo so don’t miss it!

2) New coding tutorial – make your own game of Pong 

This all new coding tutorial will teach you how to make your own game of Pong for your MAKERbuino. We’re also working on a few new tutorials as we speak so expect lots of new content soon!

Check out the tutorial here.

3) The community keeps making awesome projects!

New hardware projects have been especially interesting for the last few months and here are a few exceptional ones:  

Red backlight mod and custom charger PCB by Ma_X

Community forum member Ma_X likes the color red so much that he modified his MAKERbuino’s LCD screen in order to change the default backlight color from white to red. Everyone can make this neat little modification thanks to a tutorial he wrote. It’s a fun little project that’ll surely give your console the extra “OOMPH” it needs.

 The custom Li-Po charger board is a whole other story that took a lot of work and dedication just to go all out red! It’s hard to get much redder than this! 

Red backlight and Li-Po charger community pages

Custom gamepad buttons by Snydea

Community forum member named Snydea made this uber-cool button mod in order to give his MAKERbuino more softness and less “click click”.  

Check it out at the community forum!

MAKERbuino TV-out adapter by Ma_X

There have been successful projects aiming at mirroring MAKERbuino’s LCD to a TV but no one did it quite well as Ma_X. This fellow maker even designed his own PCB and it looks great! The development is still underway so check out his post on the community pages.

4)Innovation & Tech Today Editor’s choice award

All the way back at this year’s CES, reporters from Innovation & Tech Today showed great interest in MAKERbuino and we never imagined they liked it THIS much! A few months later, we received this neat award and were featured in their esteemed tech magazine! Their webpage: https://innotechtoday.com/

New projects are currently in the works so stay tuned for more!

We’re working hard on something new and we’ll give you more info soon.

  Keep on making!

-Albert and the MAKERbuino gang



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