A new guide is out - read electronic schematics!

Hey, folks!

We’re trying hard to keep you updated as much as we can by writing blog posts like this one.

1) A new guide – Reading electronics schematics  

This is a really short and simple guide about, well, reading schematics! Why don’t you give it a try, you might learn something new! Find it on our Learn page here. Make sure to stick around as more tutorials and guides are coming up!

 2) A Special promotion with Giaco Whatever

Making stuff is cool, but Giaco Whatever takes it to a whole another level.

He’s a fellow maker from YouTube and with the help of his friends, he constructed a couple of awesome cases for his MAKERbuino.

That’s why we cooperated with him and made a limited edition Giaco Whatever MAKERbuino. Along with a custom case featuring his logo, you also get a 15% discount! And all you have to do is enter the code “GIACOWHATEVER” on checkout! Act fast, quantities are limited!

Make sure to check out the cool stuff Giaco and his friends made:

A leather pouch case with Brett McAfee

An aluminum-wood shell with Jimmy DiResta

If you’re up to some visual ASMR, you should definitely take a look at Giaco’s, Jimmy’s and Brett’s channels. 

And that’s about it for this post.  

Stay tuned for more because something new is coming up soon!

And as always, Keep on making!  

-the MAKERbuino gang

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