1500+ packages are shipped, Spencer's build guide is out. Please give us your address if you haven't done so already

We've shipped an awful lot of packages.

In the past 7 workdays, we have produced, tested, packed, and dispatched over 1500 packages with Spencers and various goodies. This was the biggest logistical operation in the shortest amount of time in the history of our company.

I am fortunate enough to be working with many talented, hard-working people who did an extreme number of all-nighters and overtimes just so that you can get your Spencers in time for Christmas.

Here are some photos of what all this looked like:

If you are having trouble with your delivery, please reach out to contact@circuitmess.com and provide any information you find relevant.


Spencer's build guide is finally out.

The guide is finally out: 



If you encounter any issues with your devices or the build, please reach out to contact@circuitmess.com, and we'll help immediately. We're responding to your messages as fast as we can, usually in a matter of hours.

400+ People still didn't give us their shipping address

Please complete the survey if you haven't done so.

We have sent over 5 reminders in various forms and factors to your emails.

We cannot ship your STEM Box if you do not give us your address.


If you cannot find your survey, please reach out to contact@circuitmess.com.

If you are having issues with your survey, please reach out to contact@circuitmess.com.


Thank you


I do not want to pay customs or duties for my package.

We've been getting a decent amount of comments and suggestions on our choice of DHL as the shipping company for all non-EU packages.

Mainly from backers who were not happy with the amount of customs, duties, and taxes, they had to pay for their packages.


Here is a detailed explanation of why you had to pay those fees and what DHL has to do with them. 


If you live in a country outside the EU, you will most likely have to pay some import tax that is present in your country. 


This happens because the package is shipped from Croatia (European Union) and not your main country. This means that you didn't pay the taxes for the item when you bought it and these taxes need to be charged when you import the package to your country. 


We can not affect or include this in the price since we cannot avoid taxation or pre-pay the import tax amounts for every single backer in every country in the world.


Different countries have different amounts and forms of import taxes and taxation in general. Still, it usually ranges from 10% to 30% depending on the country, the value of the goods imported, and type of goods.


Why didn't you send my package using regular post?

Regular international post's general performance is terrible.

This year had brought the performance of the international postal union to an abysmal level of quality.


We've been in this business for the past 4 years, and various national posts have lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of our packages.


If we have had sent you the packages using standard post, they would have been traveling for 30 days or more, and a certain amount of them would have been lost. 


International postal union this year is also not working in certain cases and certain countries. For example, for most of the year, we couldn't send the packages to over 60 countries in the world because of Covid. 


Why didn't you declare 20$ instead of the real value on my package? 

Because that is illegal.

We do not support tax evasion, and we declare full and accurate values on all of our packages.

This is required by our country's export customs and all of our recipients' import customs offices. 


I would not have to pay customs and duties if this was sent using regular post, right? 

No, you would still have to pay taxes and duties if we were to send your package using regular post.

Your package would have just traveled longer and possibly have gotten lost. 


Is DHL responsible for me paying taxes and duties? 

DHL is simply a shipping company that we are using because they provide us with the most reliable service compared to any other worldwide express shipping company we have tried working with. 


DHL is obliged to collect the duties and taxes as dictated by your country's laws.


Every shipping company has to comply with the same rates and taxes and the same laws. 


DHL (or CircuitMess) cannot affect your country's import tax rates or pre-pay them for you.




Thank you and stay tuned for more updates

- Albert and the team

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